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Nostalgia Street 0

Nostalgia Street

by Manohar Khushalani Having been associated with Street Theatre from late seventies my memories of Jan Natya Manch are equally old. It was way back in 1977 that I first met Safdar Hashmi. Our...

Presence Perfect (Keval Arora) 0

Presence Perfect (Keval Arora)

Keval Arora’s Kolumn Barry john as Iago in ‘Othello’              2. Naseeruddin Shah in ‘Prophet’ Presence Perfect Mulling over oddities that years of familiarity have lulled us into accepting as normal, one curious habit that...

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A Young Dancer’s First Solo

A Young Dancer’s First Solo -Manohar Khushalani An Arangetram in dance is like an airplane pilots first solo flight – an announcement to the worldthat you have arrived and can now go it alone. Shruti...