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Politically Correct?

Politically Correct? The Sudhir Mishra Retrospective at the IndiaHabitat Centre The Inaugural film “Hazaaron Khwaishen Aisi” a review by Divya Raina                 1.Actors Yashpal and Manohar Khushalani...

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THE ART OF MITRANAND MAITHANI 1. Earth Air Subjects 10.25X14.75 coloured ink on whatman paper  2.  Let me glow 15X21.5 Gouache on whatman paper The graphic art of Mitranand has alternated between acute observation...

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Curtain Call(Keval Arora)

Keval Arora’s Kolumn Curtain Call For most of us, the curtain call is a ritual that marks the close of a performance. As a ritual it cuts both ways. It’s gratifying when we’ve enjoyed...

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Actor at large (Manohar Khushalani)

Actor at large  -Manohar Khushalani When was the last time you heard of a guy actually getting nabbed by the police on the basis of a newspaper ad displaying his mug? Don’t we all...

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Remembering Safdar Hashmi

Remembering Safdar Hashmi –Manohar Khushalani Having been associated with Street Theatre from late seventies my memories of Jan Natya Manch are equally old. It was way  back in 1977 that I first met Safdar...