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‘Instant Culture – pushing children too far?

‘Instant Culture – pushing children too far? An Examination of the competitive pressures of our educational system by Divya Raina The Innocent World of Children’s transgressed ? –“ Conspicuous Achievement.” This phrase implies that...

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Interpreting Myth and Recreating New Myths

‘Interpreting  Myth  and  Recreating  New Myths’  4th IAWRT Asian Women’s Film Festival 2008 a Documentary film Review by Divya Raina The Perfect Match’ by Dhwani Desai The wonderful world of tales from the Panchatantra...

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Hecklers Cross The Line (Manish Vidhani)

Over The Line? Hecklers Cross The Line Interrupt performance of Israel Horovitz’s play ‘Line‘ at India Habitat Center Manish Vidhani reports on the unsavoury event Crossing the Line? Forgotten lines, falling pants, flying props,...

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Mirza Ghalib in a Time Warp

Mirza Ghalib in a Time Warp A Review of the Comedy by Manish Vidhani (Left) A Painting Depicting Mirza Assadullah Khan Ghalib   (Right) A Scene from the Play As a part of the recently...



TENDULKAR NO MORE! Pune, May 19  Celeberated Marathi playwright Vijay Tendulkar died this morning at a private nursing home here following a protracted illness. He was 80. Tendulkar is survived by his two daughters and brothers.   Vijay...