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Raja Bundela – From Reel Life to Real Life

Raja Bundela – From Reel Life to Real Life –Manohar Khushalani The Indian democracy is replete with examples of film actors and actresses making it big in politics. Shatrughan Sinha, Vinod Khanna, Rajesh Khanna,...

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Acoustic spaces of a Delhi Neighborhood

Acoustic spaces of a Delhi Neighborhood by Joya John                                When we think of solitude we associate it with silence. It is in the sounds that we generate that our sociability is located. Voices,...

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Keval Arora’s Kolumn

For Whom Nobel’s Toll Harold Pinter passed away on 24 December 2008. He was 78 and had been undergoing treatment for liver cancer. Like most Nobel prizes for Literature, the choice of the British...

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HOLLYWOOD DIARY – Sydney Pollack

HOLLYWOOD  DIARY In Memoriam-Sydney Pollack  An Insight on  his Life  by Naveen Gupta Sydney Irwin Pollack(1934-2008)’   Sydney Irwin Pollack was born to a family of Jewish immigrants from Russia, to an alcoholic mother...

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Keval Arora’s Kolumn- Admission Time Blues

Keval Arora’s Kolumn Come admission time in Delhi University, a strange ritual involving drama is enacted every June and July in several colleges. This ritual concerns admissions where the minimum marks required for entry...