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Malika Ahluwalia ‘ARTiculate2’ 0

Malika Ahluwalia ‘ARTiculate2’

Malika Ahluwalia is showcasing her works for the third time. She is a young artist based in Delhi, who has studied art under her mother Illoosh Judge Ahluwalia, a renowned artist. The two artists...


Exhibition at JNU – The Marshall Albums

E-Invite The Marshall Albums: Photography and Archaeology on 14th January, Friday, 5:00 pm at the Exhibition Gallery, School of Arts and Aesthetics, JNU.(E-invite attached). There will be an introductory talk on the exhibition by Akshaya Tankha and Joyoti Roy...

Kanchan Chandar Oil on Canvas 0

Kanchan Chander: A Woman Artist of Vision by Seema Bawa

While most art is influenced by the personal history of its creator, Kanchan Chander’s paintings are her personal history; from student to artist to hopefully married and then joyful mother to estranged wife and...