Ab Aur Nahi

The Play

Ab aur Nahi has been inspired by Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet. The play begins with a fight between Wi-fi and Hi-fi gangs. They are always fighting for their land, their existence and their identity with each other. Finally, Blue Ray explains to both the gangs that what they have been doing all these years is futile. The gangs realize that fights, hatred, ego is all meaningless and worthless. At last, in this play, Time unites everyone.

Director’s Note

In the 21st century, which celebrates Globalization, people have been given the choice to live in a boundary-less world. Yet they are divided by insignificant aspects of religion, culture and community. The futile argument over the superiority of a certain community or caste over the other, has led to a huge setback on the overall development of the nations and humans. It has been the most detrimental to the youth of this world. The youth is equipped with a lot of potential to achieve greater goals, but is held back due to the myopic mind-set and cultural barriers instilled since childhood. It is hoped that it would eventually realise the impediments caused by these petty issues, and approach it in a more radical manner to achieve higher goals.

The Director

An Alumnus of National School of Drama, Bipin Kumar has directed approximately 35 plays in various Indian languages with theatre groups & corporate sectors in India. His teaching experience spans almost 10 years. He has conducted several theatre workshops in different states of India, organised by National School of Drama, Sangeet Natak Academy & Kshitij Theatre Group, Delhi, in collaboration with Ministry of Culture, Govt. of India. He has received the Jharkhand State Award for Acting in the year 2016, and was felicitated by Sikkim Kalakar Sang in the year 2017. He was also conferred the Sangeet Natak Akademi Award for Direction in 2018. Bipin formed Kshitij Theatre Group, Delhi and has been associated with it since 1978. He is also the founder member of Yuva Rang Manch, Ranchi, Jharkhand since 1981. Currently, he is working as the Camp Director at the Sikkim Theatre Training Centre, National School of Drama, Gangtok, Sikkim.

The Group

Sikkim Theatre Training Centre is the first centre of the National School of Drama outside Delhi. Situated in the lush green picturesque valley of Gangtok, the centre offers one –year of extensive training in theatre. The first phase of the course is devoted to training and grooming of the participants. The second phase focuses on technical training, Set design, Lighting, Make-up and other aspects of theatre. In the third phase, the participants experience a series of professional tours in and around Sikkim and other places of India.

Cast & Credits

Orkut  Lapchen Lepcha
Hacker  Bikram Lepcha
Format  Hasta Chettri
Blue Ray  Ranjana Manger
Julie  Tila Rupa Sapkota/Chandrika Chettri
Search Engine  Nitlesh Chhetri
Torrent  Prem Kumar Pradhan
Dongle  Uttam Gurung
LCD  Tashi Lepcha
Floppy  Birbal Subba
Xender  Buddhiman Rai
Instagram  Anil Kumar Manger
Pintrest  Satyam Gurung
Linkdin  Suman Rai 


Bhuwan Sharma, Anjal Bora, Swapan Das, Jyoti Prasad Rabha, Rituraj Sarma, Deepjyoti Kalita, Ripam Bhardwaj


Chandrika Chettri, Prathana Chettri, Pabitra Kumari Gautam, Sonia Bhardwaj, Balsrame A. Sagma, Indira Devi

Aerial Dancers

Prathana Chettri, Chandrika Chettri, Tashi Lepcha, Buddhiman Rai, Prem Kumar Pradhan, Satyam Gurung

Costume Design  Dipankar Paul
Assistant  Anil Kr. Manger
Light re-design   Himanshu B. Joshi
Assistant  Chakra Bdr. Chettri
Lyrics  Kajol Ghosh
Background Music  Nilotpal Bora
Music Operator  Umesh Thapa
Assistant  Uttam Gurung
Singers  Uttam Gurung, Birbal Subba, Remanti Rai, Nikita Century
Set Design  Dipankar Paul
Assistant  Chakra Bdr. Chettri, Nitlesh Chhetri, Tashi Lepcha
Set (Art Work)  Dhiraj Pradhan
Poster & Brochure Design  Sisir Thapa
Nepali Translation  Hasta Chettri

Script (editing & rewriting) 

Hasta Chettri, Bikram Lepcha
Translation English  Gyurmila Bhutia, Dorjee Ghumpu Bhutia.
Props Making  Jeewan Limboo
Assistant  Prem Kumar Pradhan, Buddhiman Rai, Satyam Gurung
Choreography  Kishore Sharma
Assistant  Chandrika Chettri
Aerial  Deb Kumar Paul
Make-up  Sanjoy Samanta
Assistant  Ranjana Manger, Hasta Chettri
Assistant Director  Pabitra Kumari Gautam
Writer  Asif Ali Haider Khan
Concept & Direction  Bipin Kumar

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